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WARECOD is a Vietnamese environmental non-profit organization based in Hanoi whose goal is to promote the sustainable use of Vietnam's water resources. In this context, WARECOD has been successful in using the results of local knowledge research to inform its advocacy work at grass-root level and to engage local communities. The overall goal for the project is to promote environmental and social justice through enhancing local participation into the decision making process related to climate change in the Gam River basin.
Scopes of work:
- Work out the plan for training and practice in Forum Theatre methodology, this plan will be formulated in participatory method, including:

+ Training theater forum methodology which will be as much as possible done through gaming skills;
+ Practicing performance skills including idea identification and creation, actions and expression, etc.
+ Setting up a communication event (programming, advertising, designing stage and costume, props, how  to  make in attractive  way).

+ Organize event including audiences identification, invitation creation, planning (personals distribution, financial raising and budgeting), etc.

- Conduct that plan with the communication club of Na Xiem village, Bao Toan commune, Bao Lac district

- Help the club members to organize a communication event in Bao Toan commune.
Time and location:
- Time: Jun.  - Sept. 2015.

- Location: mainly in Bao Lac District, Cao Bang Province.

- Travel: by public means or with Warecod means.


- At least five year experiences in Forum Theatre

- Experiences in working with local people that with ethnic people will be an advantage.
- Commitment in working with Warecod activities
Nơi làm việc :
Cao Bang
Địa chỉ nộp hồ sơ :
Suit 801, HACISCO buiding, No.15, lane 107, Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Hanoi
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Hết ngày : 30/4/2015

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