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CV, cover letter
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1. Introduction:
WARECOD is a Vietnamese environmental non-profit organization based in Hanoi whose goal is to promote the sustainable use of Vietnam's water resources. In this context, WARECOD has been successful in using the results of local knowledge research to inform its advocacy work at grass-root level and to engage local communities.
The overall goal for the project is to promote environmental and social justice through enhancing local participation into the decision making process related to climate change in the Gam River basin.
To contribute to achieving this goal, two objectives have been formulated:
Objective 1: Local officials and local people’s capacity and knowledge in climate change adaptation is enhanced to ensure resilience capability through risk management that can be integrated in the commune and district development plan in Bao Lac  district.
Objective 2: Enhance capacity of line agencies’ officials at district level  in adapting to climate change and environment in  Bao Lac district by using Climatools and promoting integration of climate change issues in social economic development process of the district
Objective 3: Promote linkages among the local communities in the Gam river basin, especially those were supported by the RLS projects will be promoted

2. Scopes of work:

  • Review the project research result to design and be a main trainer for community, officers in implementing CBDRA.
  • Support technical team in conduct CBDRA
  • Work closely with WARECOD’s staff to, design training material and prepare necessary equipment and provide the training for the local targeted groups in Bao Toan commune.
  • Support WARECOD’s staff develop the outline of assessment report and comment for assessment report.
  • Assign tasks for members of technical team in CBDRA implementing.
  • Travel to project site with WARECOD.
  • Write the training report

3. Time and location:
- Time: May-July, 2016.
- Location: Bao Lac District, Cao Bang Province.

4. Requirements:
- At least Master degree relates to environmental field with specialization in CC issue, with 5 years experiences on communication field.
- Experienced in working with community and in rural area,  
- Experienced in training methodology,
- Expertise in participatory training methodologies,
- High consultant capacity.
Nơi làm việc :
Bao Lac District, Cao Bang Province
Địa chỉ nộp hồ sơ :
Email: info@warecod.org.vn
Hạn nộp hồ sơ :
Hết ngày : 15/4/2016

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