Training on "Improving knowledge, management skills, water resources management" for local officials
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The Center for Water Resources Conservation and Development (WARECOD) supported the implementation of activities within the implementation framework Community initiative for environmental monitoring and protection in Long Phu Commune. In April 2019, the Women's Union of Long Phu District organized a training course on "Improving knowledge, management skills, and water resources governance" for 21 propagandists and officials of Long Phu commune.

Lecturers of Soc Trang Women's Union provided information on some provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection, Law on Water Resources 2012; basic knowledge related to environmental protection; the role of Women in promoting localities to participate in environmental protection, water resources management and governance, and coping with Climate Change; the role of water for life (health, agricultural production, services ...); introducing models of safe and economical use of water in daily life and livelihoods. In addition, the participants also shared behavior change communication skills such as listening, questioning, presenting, collecting and analyzing information, group discussion, writing a story about change, water management chart, monitoring environmental pollution and communication planning.

After two days of training, most participants were well aware of the meaning of water conservation. They have identified the roles and responsibilities of key propagandists and local officials. In addition, they have learned how to selectively collect information, combine communication skills training to build work plans for themselves and the group based on the water management chart, monitoring the area of environmental pollution, to do well the community communication activities involved in water resource management and environmental protection.

Hopefully, in the coming time, the Long Phu commune propagandists will connect with the communicators in Song Phung and Hau Thanh communes to form a new contingent of propagandists. This team will have sufficient capacity, effectively apply information and communication skills to promote the core group role, contributing to promoting the local participation in environmental protection, good management of water resources of the project commune and Long Phu district.

Nguyen Thanh Phuong
Women's Union of Soc Trang Province

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